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What People

"When it came time to book our dj, we already knew who we were going to ask. (Coach) Jim Steinbrecher deejayed our dances in high school, our weddings, and now he's spinning our tunes for our 10 year Reunion!"

Amber S., Class Vice President

“Our company recently expanded and when it came time for the new area's trade show, we knew who we had to have in place:  Jim Steinbrecher."

Jack L., Corporate Planner

​“The cheese plate might not be perfect, but that won't ruin your reception.  Hiring the wrong deejay will...thank you, Jim, for celebrating our daughter's big day with us!!!"
Vicki K., Mother of the Bride

Are Saying

"When the University of Memphis needed a deejay for a party with 1000+ college students from across the USA, we called Jim Steinbrecher!”

Betsy L., Admissions Counselor

Let's Party!

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